What Twitter Extensions Do You Use?

Every time I send someone a screenshot of Twitter, I get asked one of these questions:

What's that [normal/questionable/disruptive/problematic] label next to the name?
Why's that person's name [green/red]?

So I decided to create this page so I don't need to answer each individually.

TL;DR: Bot Sentinel and Shinigami Eyes.

Bot Sentinel

The Bot Sentinel extension adds a label next to users' names indicating how confident it is that this user is a disruptive bot, or  is otherwise toxic to the platform. It looks like this:

As with any automated AI thing, this result is taken with a grain of salt. You can learn more here, or get the extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Shinigami Eyes

This extension classifies users across many platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, etc.) as either trans-friendly or anti-trans. If a user is trans-friendly, their name will be green:

If a user is anti-trans, their name will show up as red:

Bonus: Bot Sentinel also tags disinformation!

These classifications are submitted by users and are live if they "pass some trustworthiness criteria (including human validation)". You can learn more about the extension's classification guidelines, why it exists, and downloads on its website.